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Poker Cheat EBook

Everything is fair in love and war. So, why not in the game of gambling? Though it is not very easy to poker cheat, especially if you are playing with experienced players, but if you are playing with buddies who have recently joined this game, you can try different cheating strategies without getting caught. You just need a little practice to become a perfect poker cheater. There is an array of things to try. It can be anything ranging from hiding things in your clothing to stacking the deck in a "special" way. You will find the following tips very useful in this regard.

See The Cards Of Other Players

You can guarantee yourself a win by implementing a mechanism that could help you see which cards other players' cards. An easy way to do this poker cheat is to place a reflective object on the table in front of you. Such reflective objects may include a pair of reflector sunglasses, a pocket watch, or any other such thing. This way, you can easily look into the cards that other players are holding in their hands by adjusting the reflective object in your hands or moving the object around the table at a particular angle.

Make An Excuse To Use The Restroom

When it comes to cheating in the game of gambling, making an excuse to use the restroom is one of the most common practices, but it can still work if your friends are not aware of this cunning strategy. However, in order to let this poker cheat work successfully, you must know beforehand what you are playing with (whether it is pretzel sticks or regulation poker chips) so that you could carry your own supply of the same hidden in your clothing. Nobody is going to see what you are doing in the restroom. So you can add to your stack without any worry. Do not forget to take your chips along with you while you leave for the restroom.

Switching The Bad Cards With Better Ones

Carrying your own pack of cards hidden in your clothing is not a very difficult task. The difficult task is to switch your bad cards with the better (hidden) ones. An easy way to do this is to hide the cards in your sleeves. You will obviously have to wear full sleeve clothing to let this poker cheat strategy work. You may also like to hide it in your pocket or in the tip of your shirt - you can choose what is convenient for you. Drop the bad card on the floor and say, "Pops, how clumsy of me". While you reach down and pick the card up, you can get sufficient amount of time to switch the card with the hidden ones. It will obviously need a lot of practice. All these tricks apply offline while you are playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. Poker cheat online is very difficult and can be very risky if you have big money at stake.

Overall, it is not an easy task to become a good cheater. You will have to work hard with strong dedication. Always remember, gambling is a game of chance but cheating is an art. However, you are strongly recommended to stay away from this art - you can do it for fun while you are playing with your friends, but make sure you do not use it professionally else you may get into serious trouble. Having knowledge about the different poker cheat can also be helpful when it comes to catching others who are trying to play a trick on you.